Zoho CRM & INSIGHT Integration

Supporting the Steadfast Broker Network with speciality, hosted integration built by our development & Zoho CRM experts

The Zoho CRM to INSIGHT integration is deployed and maintained on our securely hosted integration platform called ‘Atlass’. This service is hosted within the Amazon Sydney data centre and manages all integration events between Zoho CRM and INSIGHT.

 Atlass also provides a web-portal that will allow your team to view and monitor integration messages passed between Zoho CRM and INSIGHT. Each message will display a status indicating if the integration attempt was successful or not.

Sync Client Records

Two way synchronisation of client data between Zoho CRM and INSIGHT. This allows for lead and sales pipeline management to occur in Zoho CRM and when the time is right, your client details can be sent over to INSIGHT via a button click or workflow rule.

Policy Quote Creation

Streamline your processes by creating policy quotes directly into INSIGHT automatically, using data in stored in Zoho CRM. 

Policy Records in CRM

Bring your policy data back into Zoho CRM. Allowing your team quick access to up to date policy data while using Zoho CRM.

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